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Esemeera's Origin WIP by Dragoshi1 Esemeera's Origin WIP by Dragoshi1
I am working with pyrokkusu both online and offline on his soon-to-appear manga/comic called "Mischief Genie". 95% of the Series is his, I created some extra characters and concepts and researched into the real history, legends, and myths about Genies, Djinns, Magicians, Elves, and other things.

This particular character is one I conjured from the deaths of my mind. Esemeera is a very conflicted and Vulnerable character, having been the offspring of an obsessed Father and a pact with a Demon. She ages incredibly fast, having been born as a 1 year old, and within a month, quickly matures to a healthy young woman. Why is that? Besides the sorrows and souls of 45 women churning within her(as was the sacrifice for her birth), she also has a lesser demon that holds a strong possession over her, and forces her to devour souls, and granting her seemingly innocent human abilities a Demon after-touch. She has a lovely singing voice, but when tapped by demonic powers, it paralyzes all who hear it, earning her the nickname "Siren" by locals. Even though she resembles a 17 year old girl, her mind is still young, and she seeks guidance and nurturing ever since she took her own Father's Soul.

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April 24, 2010
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